May 4, 2020


I know a lot of plots, mine included have been battling with pigeons for the last two seasons. My brassicas were devastated last year and this year they have barely survived-despite my feeble attempts at netting them!! Some plotties have created bird scarers by hanging old CDs up or tying bits of plastic bag so that they blow in the wind. A couple of plots have some very smart looking scarecrows which seem to be doing the trick.

I have started collecting milk bottle tops to string up as I have heard pigeons dont like the rattle they make, or the fact that they are shiny. However I only started collecting them a few weeks ago and sadly, we dont drink enough milk to make it worth my while trying to string my feeble collection up just yet. But they are collecting in a bag ready for next year!

We took the plunge and invested in Dave. He is a bird of prey Kite suspended on a rope from a pole. So far he has done much better than the netting at saving my plot from the hungry pigeons, and has managed not to escape despite the “Chapelton Breeze” ruffling his feathers. Fingers crossed we will be able to pull him out for many more seasons to come!!

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