Rules and Byelaws

Rules for Erection of Structures

Permission from the Committee is required for sheds, poly-tunnels or greenhouses. Any structure on the allotment must be temporary and maintained in safe order with an appropriate external appearance and condition. It is crucial to note that if the Committee is not satisfied with the state of the structure the tenant must either repair it to the satisfaction of the Committee or remove the structure within one week of instruction to do so. If the structure is not repaired the Committee may remove it and charge the tenant the full cost of removal and disposal. Any structures erected on the allotment shall not be made from hazardous materials (eg asbestos) and the colour shall be in keeping with the environment and not offensive. All structures must be adequately anchored to the ground to prevent uplift, requiring a footing on a solid base and as recommended by the manufacturer. All structures must be kept within the boundary of the allotment plot.

maximum sizes for structures

Sheds and Greenhouses
  • Length – 6ft (1.829m)
  • Width – 4ft (1.219m)
  • Height – 7ft (213m)

Sheds must be pent roof design and only have one window which should not overlook neighbours' gardens.

  • Length – 15ft (4.5m)
  • Width – 12ft (3.6m)
  • Height – 7ft (2.13m)

The majority of suppliers of polytunnels guarantee the covers for five seasons but this is not to say the polythene cover will need replacing every 5 years.

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